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What Ayn Rand Read

The books listed below are ones that Ayn Rand is either known to have read or may have read, based on her published reviews, annotations she made in the books, comments or references made in her articles, letters and journals, and materials auctioned from her estate. (For the plays, it is possible that she saw them performed instead of reading them.) In the "Details" column, each entry is coded with links to pop-up windows that illustrate Rand quoting (Q), commenting about (C), or referring to (R) that particular work. Where appropriate, additional notes (N) about the historical evidence are provided. For books whose text is freely available online, links are provided from the title.

Note: Not all of the pop-ups have been created. These entries will be expanded as time allows.


Non-fiction that Rand read
Born FreeJoy Adamson    N
Who Owns America?Herbert Agar and Allen Tate (Editors)Letters of Ayn Rand, 41 C N
The complete works of AristotleAristotleLetters of Ayn Rand, 179, 227
The Passion of Ayn Rand, 192
A Gift of WingsRichard Bach    N
Jonathan Livingston SeagullRichard Bach    N
Science and the Planned StateJohn R. BakerLetters of Ayn Rand, 253
Journals of Ayn Rand, 320
 C N
Irrational ManWilliam Barrett"Don't Let It Go," Philosophy: Who Needs It, 211Q   
Eco-Hysterics and the TechnophobesPetr Beckmann    N
Whispered AnecdotesPetr Beckmann (Translator)    N
Highball: A Pagaent of TrainsLucius Beebe    N
High Iron: A Book of TrainsLucius Beebe    N
Trains in TransitionLucius Beebe    N
Inside the Soviet EmpireNora Beloff    N
Reason and GoodnessBrand BlanshardLetters of Ayn Rand, 629-630  R 
Building to the SkiesAlfred C. BossomJournals of Ayn Rand, 129-132QC  
How to Look at BuildingsDarcy BraddellJournals of Ayn Rand, 125    
Architecture and DemocracyClaude BragdonJournals of Ayn Rand, 128    
Architecture and Modern LifeBaker Brownell and Frank Lloyd Wright    N
Government Against the PeopleAsher Brynes    N
Fifth Report of the Senate Fact-Finding Committee on Un-American ActivitiesCalifornia Legislature    N
At RandomBennett Cerf    N
The Life of the PartyBennett Cerf    N
Reading for PleasureBennett Cerf    N
Try and Stop MeBennett Cerf    N
The Incredible Ivar KreugerAllen ChurchillAyn Rand's Marginalia, 202    
Backstairs: Mission in MoscowCharles Ciliberti    N
How We LiveFred G. Clark and Richard Stanton    N
Contemporary American Architects: Ralph Adams Cram, Cram and FergusonRalph Adam Cram, Arthur T. North (Editor)Journals of Ayn Rand, 159    
Architectural CompositionN.C. CurtisJournals of Ayn Rand, 160    
The School and SocietyJohn Dewey"The Comprachicos," The New Left, 207Q   
Conceptual Foundations of BusinessRichard Eels and Clarence Walton    N
The Decline of American LiberalismArthur A. Ekirch"The Roots of War," Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, 41
"The Intellectual Bankruptcy of Our Age," The Voice of Reason, 89-90
Railroading from the Head EndS. Kip Farrington, Jr.    N
Railroading from the Rear EndS. Kip Farrington, Jr.    N
Ten Thousand CommandmentsHarold FlemingAyn Rand's Marginalia, 189-192
"America's Persecuted Minority: Big Business," Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, 50-52
Review, The Objectivist Newsletter, April 1962
Gasoline Prices and CompetitionHarold Fleming    N
States, Contracts and ProgressHarold Fleming    N
Essays in Conceptual AnalysisAnthony Flew (Editor)    N
The Road Ahead: America's Creeping RevolutionJohn T. Flynn    N
This Little Band of ProphetsAnne FremantleAyn Rand's Marginalia, 175-176    
A History of PhilosophyB.A.G. FullerLetters of Ayn Rand, 179  RN
The Psychology of DictatorshipG.M. Gilbert    N
The Unity of Philosophical ExperienceEtienne GilsonAyn Rand's Marginalia, 37-39    
Boot StrapsTom Girdler    N
The Right to WorkTom GirdlerLetters of Ayn Rand, 81    
Lillian Gish: The Movies, Mr. Griffith, and MeLillian Gish with Ann PinchotReview, The Objectivist, November 1969   N
The Conscience of a ConservativeBarry GoldwaterAyn Rand's Marginalia, 183-188
Letters of Ayn Rand, 565-571
Thomas Hastings, ArchitectDavid GrayJournals of Ayn Rand, 135    
Teaching Montessori in the HomeElizabeth HainstockAyn Rand Answers, 173 C  
The Road of the CenturyAlvin F. Harlow"Notes on the History of American Free Enterprise," Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, 106    
Remember These ThingsPaul Harvey    N
The Road to SerfdomFriedrich HayekAyn Rand's Marginalia, 145-160    
Economics in One LessonHenry HazlittLetters of Ayn Rand, 331    
The Foundations of MoralityHenry Hazlitt    N
A New Constitution NowHenry Hazlitt    N
On the Sensations of Tone as a Physiological Basis for the Theory of MusicHermann von Helmholtz"Art and Cognition," The Romantic Manifesto, 56-61Q   
This Fascinating Railroad BusinessRobert S. HenryJournals of Ayn Rand, 549    
Der Nationalsozialismus Dokumente 1933-1945Walther Hofer (Editor)"The New Fascism: Rule by Consensus," Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, 220    
The Story of American RailroadsStewart H. Holbrook"Notes on the History of American Free Enterprise," Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, 103, 106-107    
Contemporary American Architects: Raymond M. HoodRaymond M. Hood, Arthur T. North (Editor)Journals of Ayn Rand, 159    
Human ConductJohn HospersLetters of Ayn Rand, 504, 562    
An Introduction to Philosophical AnalysisJohn HospersAyn Rand's Marginalia, 62-80
Letters of Ayn Rand, 503
Brain-Washing in Red ChinaEdward HunterAyn Rand's Marginalia, 177-178   N
How to Think CreativelyEliot HutchinsonAyn Rand's Marginalia, 59-61    
Portraits of Thirty AuthorsLeonebel Jacob    N
Manifesto for the Atomic AgeVirgil JordonLetters of Ayn Rand, 254    
Contemporary American Architects: Ely Jacques KahnEly Jacques Kahn, Arthur T. North (Editor)Journals of Ayn Rand, 156   N
The Fifth Column in WashingtonJoseph P. Kamp    N
Critique of Pure ReasonImmanuel Kant"An Untitled Letter," Philosophy: Who Needs It, 117 C  
Foundations of the Metaphysics of MoralsImmanuel Kant, R. P. Wolff (Editor)"Causality Versus Duty," Philosophy: Who Needs It, 96-97Q   
East Minus West = ZeroWerner Keller"The Roots of War"    
I Chose FreedomVictor Kravchenko    N
The Unrelenting WarSuzanne Labin    N
I Saw Poland BetrayedArthur LaneLetters of Ayn Rand, 391    
The Discovery of FreedomRose Wilder Lane    N
Towards a New Architecture"Le Corbusier"Journals of Ayn Rand, 134    
The Abolition of ManC.S. LewisAyn Rand's Marginalia, 90-94    
The Deep Ditch and the Narrow PitIda Lewis    N
The Big FourOscar Lewis"Notes on the History of American Free Enterprise," Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal,    
Grand CentralDavid Marshall"Notes on the History of American Free Enterprise," Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, 106    
The Language of DissentLowell MasonReview, The Objectivist Newsletter, August 1963
Ayn Rand's Marginalia, 199-201
The Humanist in the BathtubMary McCarthy    N
The What, Why, and How of American Free EnterpriseC.W. McKee (Editor)    N
On LibertyJohn Stuart Mill"An Untitled Letter," Philosophy: Who Needs It, 114 C  
BureaucracyLudwig von MisesAyn Rand's Marginalia, 142-144    
Human ActionLudwig von MisesAyn Rand's Marginalia, 105-141    
Omnipotent GovernmentLudwig von MisesLetters of Ayn Rand, 260, 308
"The Intellectual Bankruptcy of Our Age," The Voice of Reason, 96
Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind Letters: 1936-1949Margaret Mitchell, Richard Harwell (Editor)    N
Dr. Montessori's Own HandbookMaria Montessori"The Comprachicos," The New Left, 196Q   
American Pragmatism: Peirce, James, & DeweyEdward C. MooreIntroduction to Objectivist Epistemology, 1-2. Q   
Sticks and StonesLewis MumfordJournals of Ayn Rand, 122    
A History of Our CountryDavid MuzzeyLetters of Ayn Rand, 451    
The Antitrust Laws of the U.S.A.A.D. NealeAyn Rand's Marginalia, 193-198    
Beyond Good and EvilFriedrich NietzscheJournals of Ayn Rand, 77, 219
Introduction to The Fountainhead, x
The Birth of TragedyFriedrich Nietzsche"Apollo and Dionysus," The New Left, 57-58    
The Genealogy of MoralsFriedrich NietzscheJournals of Ayn Rand, 219    
Thus Spake ZarathustraFriedrich NietzscheThe Art of Non-Fiction, 121
Letters of Ayn Rand, 175
Journals of Ayn Rand, 41-42, 187, 219
Memoirs of a Superfluous ManAlbert Jay Nock    N
The Revolt of the MassesJose Ortega y GassetJournals of Ayn Rand, 70    
British Socialism Is Destroying British FreedomCecil Palmer    N
The God of the MachineIsabel PatersonReview, The Objectivist Newsletter, October 1964
Letters of Ayn Rand, 78, 84-85, 90, 101-104, 116, 171, 187, 200, 465
"The Roots of War," Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, 39
Immanuel Kant: His Life and DoctrineFriedrich PaulsenAyn Rand's Marginalia, 40-46
"From the Horse's Mouth," Philosophy: Who Needs It
The RepublicPlatoLetters of Ayn Rand, 222, 394    
The Adventures of a Happy ManChanning PollockLetters of Ayn Rand, 53   N
Harvest of My YearsChanning PollockLetters of Ayn Rand, 51   N
The ABC of ArchitectureMatlock PriceJournals of Ayn Rand, 117    
AristotleJohn Herman RandallAyn Rand's Marginalia, 9-34
Letters of Ayn Rand, 608
Review, The Voice of Reason, 6-12
Communication, Organization, and ScienceJerome RothsteinAyn Rand's Marginalia, 47-58    
The Romance of RealityLeonard Read    N
The Roosevelt Record in Red!Republican National Committee    N
The Philosophy of RestraintIndira Rothermund    N
Poverty Is Where the Money IsShirley ScheiblaReview, The Objectivist, August 1969
"Tax Credits for Education," The Voice of Reason, 250
Envy: A Theory of Social BehaviorHelmut SchoeckAyn Rand's Marginalia, 95-99   N
Frank Lloyd WrightVincent Scully    N
How Can Europe SurviveHans SennholzLetters of Ayn Rand, 582  R 
Communism and the Conscience of the WestFulton SheenAyn Rand's Marginalia, 179-182
Letters of Ayn Rand, 203, 205, 391
The Elements of PoliticsHenry SidgwickAyn Rand's Marginalia, 86-89    
Beyond Freedom and DignityB.F. Skinner"The Stimulus and the Response," Philosophy: Who Needs It    
Capitalism the CreatorCarl SnyderLetters of Ayn Rand, 582    
Sensory DeprivationPhilip Solomon, et al. (Editors)"Our Cultural Value-Deprivation," The Voice of Reason, 103Q   
The Strategy of Great RailroadsFrank H. Spearman"Notes on the History of American Free Enterprise," Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, 107    
The Man Versus the StateHerbert Spencer    N
The Concept of MoralsW.T. StaceLetters of Ayn Rand, 603 C  
Skyscrapers and the Men Who Build ThemW.A. StarrettJournals of Ayn Rand, 117    
The Ego and Its OwnMax StirnerLetters of Ayn Rand, 175    
None Dare Call It TreasonJohn A. Stormer    N
The Russian TraditionTibor Szamuely    N
The Manufacture of MadnessThomas Szasz    N
Modern ArchitectureBruno TautJournals of Ayn Rand, 157    
Escape from the SovietsTatiana TchernavinLetters of Ayn Rand, 10    
The Tragic Sense of LifeMiguel de UnamunoLetters of Ayn Rand, 118    
Last Chance in ChinaFreda Utley    N
The Blue Book of the John Birch SocietyRobert Welch    N
Ramses to RockefellerC.H. WhitakerJournals of Ayn Rand, 126    
Economic GeographyR.H. Whitbeck and V.C. FinchJournals of Ayn Rand, 483   N
The Organization ManWilliam H. WhyteThe Ayn Rand Column, 112 C  
A History of Philosophy, vol. 1Wilhelm WindelbandAyn Rand's Marginalia, 35-36    
W.R. Hearst, An American PhenomenonJohn K. WinklerJournals of Ayn Rand, 193    
Living ArchitectureArthur WoltersdorfJournals of Ayn Rand, 122    
While Rome BurnsAlexander WoollcottJournals of Ayn Rand, 73    
An AutobiographyFrank Lloyd WrightJournals of Ayn Rand, 118   N
The Disappearing CityFrank Lloyd WrightJournals of Ayn Rand, 162    
Frank Lloyd Wright on ArchitectureFrank Lloyd Wright, Frederick Gutheim (Editor)    N
Genius and the MobocracyFrank Lloyd Wright    N
Modern ArchitectureFrank Lloyd WrightJournals of Ayn Rand, 156    
When Democracy BuildsFrank Lloyd WrightLetters of Ayn Rand, 115   N
My Father Who Is on EarthLloyd WrightLetters of Ayn Rand, 262    

Fiction and Poetry

Fiction and poetry that Rand read
The ValleyMorgan Ash    N
Ballade in G MinorEthel Boileau    N
CartwheelsRoger Burlingame    N
Behind Dark SpacesMelville Cane    N
The Complete Works of Lewis CarrollLewis Carroll    N
Don QuixoteMiguel de CervantesAyn Rand Answers, 201 C  
The Children's StoryJames Clavell    N
Nobel HouseJames Clavell    N
Play ParadeNoel Coward    N
By Love PossessedJames Gould CozzensThe Art of Fiction, 116-121
Ayn Rand Answers, 206
How to Become ExtinctWill Cuppy    N
How to Be a HermitWill Cuppy    N
A Stranger and AfraidGwen DavenportLetters of Ayn Rand, 98 C  
Life Invited MeAdele DeLeeuw    N
Seven Gothic TalesIsak DinesenThe Art of Fiction, 125-127Q   
The Brothers KaramazovFyodor DostoevskyThe Romantic Manifesto, 114    
Crime and PunishmentFyodor DostoevskyThe Romantic Manifesto, 88    
An American TragedyTheodore DreiserThe Romantic Manifesto, 85    
The Count of Monte CristoAlexandre DumasLetters of Ayn Rand, 645    
MoonrakerIan FlemingAyn Rand Answers, 214    
The Miracle WorkerWilliam Gibson"Kant Versus Sullivan," Philosophy: Who Needs It, 90-93    
The Maltese FalconDashiell HammettLetters of Ayn Rand, 43    
The Scarlet LetterNathaniel HawthorneThe Art of Fiction, 146
Ayn Rand Answers, 196-197
The Great Idea (Time Will Run Back)Henry HazlittAyn Rand's Marginalia, 161-170    
A Farewell to ArmsErnest HemingwayAyn Rand Answers, 202-203
The Passion of Ayn Rand, 101
For Whom the Bell TollsErnest HemingwayAyn Rand Answers, 202-203    
Les MiserablesVictor HugoThe Art of Fiction, 18
Ayn Rand Answers, 188
The Man Who LaughsVictor HugoThe Art of Fiction, 114
"The Compachicos," The New Left, 187-189
Ninety-ThreeVictor HugoReview, The Ayn Rand Column
"Introduction to Ninety-Three," The Romantic Manifesto
Notre-Dame de ParisVictor HugoThe Art of Fiction, 35, 38-42, 73-74, 98-105    
Please Don't Eat the DaisiesJean KerrThe Art of Fiction, 167    
The Bees and FlowersFrederick Kohner and Albert Mannheimer    N
CoronetManuel Komroff    N
Let the Hurricane RoarRose Wilder Lane    N
A Kiss Before DyingIra LevinThe Romantic Manifesto, 121    
ArrowsmithSinclair LewisThe Art of Fiction, 60-62, 71, 75-76, 79-83, 112-114, 138Q  N
BabbittSinclair LewisThe Art of Fiction, 15  R 
DodsworthSinclair LewisThe Art of Fiction, 138Q  N
It Can't Happen HereSinclair Lewis"The New Fascism: Rule by Consensus," Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, 218
"What is Romanticism," The Romantic Manifesto, 109
Ayn Rand Answers, 200
Main StreetSinclair LewisThe Art of Fiction, 18    
Barometer RisingHugh MacLennanLetters of Ayn Rand, 123    
The Magic MountainThomas MannThe Passion of Ayn Rand, 101    
Oh, DoctorWalt Marsh    N
Love LettersChristopher MassieLetters of Ayn Rand, 231    
Seven Footprints to SatanAbraham MerrittThe Art of Fiction, 171    
Calumet 'K'Samuel Merwin and Henry WebsterJournals of Ayn Rand, 10
Letters of Ayn Rand, 251
"Introduction to Calumet 'K'," The Objectivist, October 1967
Gone With the WindMargaret MitchellThe Art of Fiction, 15
Ayn Rand Answers, 187
Animal FarmGeorge Orwell    N
1984George OrwellThe Art of Fiction, 169    
The Browning VersionTerence RattiganAyn Rand Answers, 198-199    
The Winslow BoyTerence RattiganAyn Rand Answers, 198    
Separate TablesTerence RattiganAyn Rand Answers, 198    
Grim Grow the LilacsM.F. RodellLetters of Ayn Rand, 123    
Cyrano de BergeracEdmond RostandAyn Rand Answers, 196 C  
The Maid of OrleansFriedrich SchillerAyn Rand Answers, 215    
Mary StuartFriedrich SchillerAyn Rand Answers, 215    
IvanhoeWalter ScottThe Art of Fiction, 157 C  
The Crying SistersMabel SeeleyLetters of Ayn Rand, 220    
HamletWilliam ShakespeareThe Art of Fiction, 80 C  
Julius CeasarWilliam ShakespeareThe Passion of Ayn Rand, 45    
King LearWilliam ShakespeareThe Art of Fiction, 80 C  
MacbethWilliam ShakespeareThe Passion of Ayn Rand, 45    
OthelloWilliam ShakespeareThe Art of Fiction, 80 C  
FrankensteinMary ShelleyThe Art of Fiction, 170    
Quo VadisHenryk K. SienkiewiczThe Art of Fiction, 146    
Held for OrdersFrank H. SpearmanJournals of Ayn Rand, 4    
Day of the GunsMickey SpillaneReview, The Objectivist Newsletter, October 1964    
The Girl HuntersMickey SpillaneLetters of Ayn Rand, 600
"Mickey Spillane," The Ayn Rand Column, 36-37
The Long WaitMickey Spillane"Mickey Spillane," The Ayn Rand Column, 36    
One Lonely NightMickey SpillaneThe Art of Fiction, 132-134
"Mickey Spillane," The Ayn Rand Column, 36
"Basic Principles of Literature," The Romantic Manifesto, 95
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeRobert Louis StevensonThe Art of Fiction, 169    
Gulliver's TravelsJonathan SwiftThe Art of Fiction, 168    
The One-Track MindDeems Taylor (Translator)    N
Anna KareninaLeo TolstoyThe Art of Fiction, 18-20, 72-73, 175
"What Is Romanticism?" The Romantic Manifesto, 116
War and PeaceLeo TolstoyThe Romantic Manifesto, 118    
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaJules Verne    N
The War of the WorldsH.G. WellsThe Art of Fiction, 170    
The Song of BernadetteFranz WerfelThe Art of Fiction, 171    
The Importance of Being ErnestOscar WildeThe Art of Fiction, 168    
Star MoneyKathleen WinsorThe Art of Fiction, 114-115    
Of Time and the RiverThomas WolfeThe Art of Fiction, 105-111    
The Web and the RockThomas WolfeThe Art of Fiction, 134-137
"Basic Principles of Literature," The Romantic Manifesto, 95-96
Angel Without WingsMartha Ellen Wright    N

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