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Parodies and Humor about Objectivism

The links below go to materials parody or otherwise make fun of Ayn Rand and/or Objectivism. Straightforward criticisms of Objectivist ideas or criticisms of Objectivists can be found on separate pages.

Parody and ridicule can be done purely for humor, or they can be a particularly malicious form of criticism. When done as criticism, humor allows greater latitude for the critic to claim or imply things about the subject that could not be proven with normal arguments or evidence. This can include claims and implications that are exaggerated or even outright false. It is left for the reader to interpret the intent of the items listed below, but when considered as arguments, parody and ridicule should always be viewed with caution. (Note: While some of the authors' names for these pieces are recognizable as real -- Murry Rothbard, for example -- it is entirely likely that others are using pseudonyms, as this is common in parody. Where it is obvious that a name is itself a joke, such as "Peter Leonard" and "Robert Maybehew," the author is listed as being anonymous.)

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Parodies of Objectivist Works

The following parodies make fun of Ayn Rand's novels or other works by Objectivists.

Other Humor

The items below make fun of Rand or Objectivism in various ways. These include caricaturing the personalites of individual Objectivists, placing Rand in absurd fictional situations and other forms of humor.

Other Sources

The following sources link to various pages of humor related to Objectivism:

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