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Objectivism is the philosophy of Ayn Rand, a twentieth-century novelist and philosopher. The Objectivism Reference Center provides resources about Ayn Rand and her ideas.

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What Is Objectivism?

Ayn Rand's philosophy emphasizes the objective existence of reality, rational thinking, individual self-interest, and individual rights.

The Ayn Rand Institute offers summaries of the basics of Objectivism:

For even more about Objectivism, try reading the items on their suggested reading list, or explore the resources offered here on the ORC web site.


Texts by Ayn Rand and Others

Online texts written by Ayn Rand or under her auspices, including:

  • The complete text of Rand's short novel Anthem.
  • A transcript of Ayn Rand's HUAC testimony
  • Links to dozens of other articles and excerpts written by Rand and her associates.

Books Related to Objectivism

Information on books by Ayn Rand (including her popular novels: We the Living, Anthem, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged).

There are also numerous books by other authors that discuss Ayn Rand and Objectivism.

Magazines that Discuss Objectivism

Information on magazines and newsletters related to Objectivism, including detailed content listings for the following:

  • The Objectivist Newsletter
  • The Objectivist
  • The Ayn Rand Letter
  • The Objectivist Forum

Links to ongoing publications, including The Intellectual Activist and The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies, are also provided.

Ayn Rand's Life and Works

Information on Ayn Rand's life and bibliographies of her works. The detailed Ayn Rand Biographical FAQ can be found in this section.

Criticism of Objectivism

Links to online essays criticizing Objectivism on philosophical and ideological issues. Also includes criticisms of Rand and other Objectivists on a personal and institutional level.

More Objectivism on the Web

Our guide to Objectivism link lists will help you find the most useful ones.

Read blogs that discuss Objectivism.

Looking for a site you have heard of, but can't find? It may be dead or moved.

Internet Discussion Forums

Information on Internet forums, such as newsgroups and email lists, for the discussion of Objectivism.

Site Information about the ORC

Information about the Objectivism Reference Center: its maintainer, policies, etc. Includes the site FAQ.

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